Wastewater Filtration VIDEO

  1. Anammox Treatment Technology - DEMON®

    World Water Works’ DEMON process can solve the problem of returning high concentrations of ammonia to the plant influent. The true key to the success of the technology is the patented advanced biological process controls and the physical separation used to facilitate the growth and retention of the anammox bacteria.

  2. Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) - Ideal MBBR™

    World Water Works specializes in the combination of the MBBR technology with Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology or Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology for advanced wastewater treatment.

  3. Water: It Matters More Than Ever

    Water. It’s vital to human life, our economy, and ecosystem - the very survival of our planet. But water challenges are growing more intense than ever before. Increasing volatile weather patterns fueled by climate change, crumbling infrastructure, pollution, and over population that is causing a surge in the demand for water. This means the world’s supply of clean water is rapidly declining putting our future at risk.

  4. Aqua-Aerobic Seminars – Where Professionals Learn And Solve

    For more than 30 years, Aqua-Aerobic has provided thousands of industry professionals with education and training through the company’s highly-regarded technical seminar program. Our industry-known seminar is ideal for those individuals involved in the design, application, procurement and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants.

  5. TITAN MBR™: The Most Operator-Friendly Way to Achieve Water Reuse

    Delivering the best MBR experience, Smith & Loveless announces the new TITAN MBR™.

  6. An Underdrain Like No Other

    Matt Shoemaker, North American Sales Manager for Leopold -- A Xylem Brand, talks through the features of the Type 360 Underdrain, a bolt-down system with a design that allows for longer filter runs, higher efficiency, less backwash water, and extended media life. With a flow concept that avoids dead zones and patented self-cleaning capabilities, the Type 360 is easy to own and operate. Get a close look and hear more about its unique properties in this video.

  7. Leopold Type 360 Underdrain: Video

    The Leopold brand of Xylem has been providing the most efficient water and wastewater treatment filtration systems available since 1922. The Leopold difference – effectively backwashing 100 percent of the media.

  8. Stokes' Law and How Inclined Plate Settlers (Lamellas) Work

    In this video, we discuss the curious science that is the inclined plate settler (also known as a Lamella). The process is a bit counter-intuitive, but through an interesting experiment, this video shows how they work. Inclined plate settlers can reduce required footprint by 80% compared to traditional gravity settling.

  9. DE NORA TETRA: Trusted Filtration Technologies

    De Nora brings a long history of innovation to familiar water treatment technologies like DE NORA TETRA filtration products. For more than 55 years, De Nora has been providing filtration process expertise and global innovation with DE NORA TETRATM Denite® denitrification systems, DeepBed™ tertiary AWT filters, underdrains for water and wastewater treatment, and submerged aerated biological filters.

  10. MRI Inclined Plate Settler System Video - Treating More Water in Less Space

    This video provides a detailed explanation of the process and benefits of the MRI Inclined Plate Settler System over conventional settling methods. MRI’s Inclined Plate Settlers and Hoseless Cable-Vac Sludge Collectors combine in this system to provide a reduced footprint, cost savings, zero energy usage, and superior efficiency and effluent quality.