Wastewater Contaminant Removal News

  1. Waste Water Treatment Trial Of Microvi Shows Promising Results

    A new technology which aims to revolutionise the way the world’s waste water can be processed has delivered promising results at an extensive UK trial.

  2. Scottish Water Demonstrates Extraordinary Advantages Of Microvi MNE For Ammonia And BOD Removal

    A trial of Microvi’s MNE technology has been completed at Scottish Water’s Waste Water Development Centre at Bo’ness, by the Research and Innovation team from Scottish Water.

  3. Clean TeQ Achieves Successful Customer Acceptance Of World First CIF® Plant In Oman

    Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company) (ASX/TSX:CLQ; OTCQX:CTEQF) announces the successful customer acceptance of commissioning and handover of a ground-breaking Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) plant in Oman.

  4. Harnessing The Benefits Of Process Patents

    As WPL is granted another process patent for biological wastewater treatment, technical director Andrew Baird shares insights on what is involved and why it matters in terms of innovation

  5. Wessex Data Shows Total Compliance At Sherborne

    A wastewater treatment repurpose project carried out at a Wessex Water site not only delivered a 75% cost saving, but figures show that ammonia discharge levels are below the level of detection.

  6. Hong Kong’s IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2019: De Nora Highlights Innovative Solution Addressing Chlorine Management Safety

    To address increasingly complex water treatment issues and standards in Asia, water disinfection and filtration technologies leader De Nora highlights its groundbreaking hybrid system of CECHLO and Capital Controls in light of this year’s International Water Association (IWA) conference.

  7. Fluence Receives US$3M Follow-On Aspiral™ Order From ITEST

    Fluence Corporation Limited is pleased to announce the execution of a US$3M follow-on order from a subsidiary of ITEST.

  8. Microrobots Clean Up Radioactive Waste

    According to some experts, nuclear power holds great promise for meeting the world’s growing energy demands without generating greenhouse gases. But scientists need to find a way to remove radioactive isotopes, both from wastewater generated by nuclear power plants and from the environment in case of a spill.

  9. Record Order From Mainland China For Statiflo

    Engineering company Statiflo has supplied its biggest-ever order to mainland China.

  10. Evoqua Announces Acquisition Of Majority Stake In Frontier Water

    Evoqua Water Technologies recently announced a majority investment position in San Diego-based Frontier Water Systems, LLC.