Wastewater Collection Systems

  1. Top 10 Technologies From WEFTEC 2016

    300,000 square feet. That was the size of the tradeshow floor at WEFTEC, the world's largest annual water quality exhibition. I didn't see every technology showcased last month in New Orleans (over a thousand exhibitors were on hand), but here’s a “best of” list from the many that I came across — a snapshot of various technologies that stood out from the masses, exceptional for their level of innovation and potential for industry impact.

  2. The Do’s And Don’ts Of MBR Pretreatment

    They say a picture's worth a thousand words. If that's true, this image of a fouled membrane bioreactor (MBR) system needs little prelude — it's simply what happens when you don't properly protect your membranes with pretreatment.

  3. Top 10 Tweets On 'Flushables'

    With the immense interest that we’re noticing on the issue of “flushables” — or what not to flush to avoid havoc in wastewater collection systems — Water Online decided to dip our toe into some new waters. We recently hosted our first “Twitter party,” or “hashtag chat,” or whatever the kids are calling them these days, and I’m happy to report some very positive outcomes.

  4. Top 10 Technologies From WEFTEC

    They did it again. Seemingly every year WEFTEC breaks records for size and attendance, and 2014 in New Orleans was no exception. There was a lot to choose from, but I picked my favorite innovations to highlight in what has become another annual tradition — Water Online’s “Top 10” from WEFTEC.

  5. 'Flushables' Not The Biggest Clog Culprit

    “Flushable” wipes have been disparaged for wreaking havoc on wastewater treatment plants — causing giant clogs, overflows, and equipment breakdowns.  But pre-moistened wipes labeled “flush safe” are not entirely to blame.

  6. Be A Detective: 5 Must-Ask Questions For Industrial Screening Selection

    Sherlock Holmes and Bert Irwin have something in common: they both spend their days looking for clues.

  7. Water Projects That Will Transform North America

    Infrastructure needs have never been so great, and yet capital investment is historically low. A handful of strategic water projects may hold the key to kick-starting a new age of infrastructure spending and renewal.