Sewers and Sewer Line Maintenance Podcasts

  1. Fixing Aging Infrastructure With Minimal Disruption

    Coping with service or repairs to aging pipeline infrastructure without disrupting customers is always a challenge. Chris Vazzana of Hydra-Stop has a better idea that includes the use of insertion valves, which enable water utilities to install a permanent valve into a live water main without ever shutting down the line. His discussion with the Water Talk moderators at WEFTEC 2019 details how the initial perception of insertion valves as a temporary measure is no longer true, and how these time-saving devices are now permanent assets that have passed AWWA testing, including burst testing and 500-cycle testing. Chris also describes the company’s newest 24” insertion valve, with an anecdote about saving a utility and 10,000 of its customers from a disruptive service shutdown.

  2. New Pipe Joint Eases Install

    There’s a new pipe joint in town. It’s the ALPHA restraint joint system launched recently by AMERICAN at WEFTEC 2016. According to Derek Scott, Marketing and Technical Manager with AMERICAN Flow Control, the new joint is easy to install with one stainless steel bolt at the top compared to the 8-bolts-on-each-end, traditional mechanical joint.

  3. Wet Weather Challenges And Solutions

    Susan Moisio, conveyance and storage leader with CH2M, sheds light on the conditions and obstacles facing municipalities as they struggle with stormwater management.

  4. The Case For Sewer Monitoring

    In this age of data acquisition, there is no corner on Earth that can’t be measured. In the water industry, that means plunging the deepest depths of our sewer systems.

  5. Combating I&I With Sensor Technology

    Hampton Roads Sanitation District is using flow monitoring to help get inflow and infiltration (I&I) out of the sewers. Learn why this method will save the municipality millions versus alternative approaches.

  6. Making The Most Of Our Pipelines

    As pipelines from bygone eras have started to fail and we have entered what many consider an asset management crisis, many believe it’s a matter of aging infrastructure. Travis Wagner, vice president of asset management with Pure Technologies’ engineering division, takes a different view.

  7. Hinge-Less Valve Keeps Sewers Functional

    In 1984, the US EPA asked Red Valve to help mitigate some of the inflow and infiltration problems it was seeing with traditional flap gate valves.

  8. Can Your Pipe Survive An Earthquake?

    Maury Gaston of American Cast Iron Pipe Company (AMERICAN) talks to Todd and Kelly of Water Online Radio about new pipe joint that brings unshakeable reliability to vulnerable infrastructure.

  9. American Infrastructure Renewal: Building For The Next 100 Years

    Even ductile iron pipe, which has been in the ground for a century in some cases, has an expiration date. Its strength has also been a detriment, to some degree, in that the public has taken its reliability for granted. But the time has come to pay the piper.

  10. San Francisco Treat: An Insider’s Look At Infrastructure Renewal

    As the program director for a $6.9-billion initiative at one of America’s foremost cities, Karen Kubick has a lot on her plate. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is upgrading the city and county’s wastewater system to “bring it forward for the challenges of the future and challenges of today,” says Kubick, and doing so in a progressive manner.