Product Guide

  1. Water Network Modeling And Analysis

    Reliably delivering clean, potable water to customers is at the core of what every water utility does. Making this happen is a heroic effort, though, and requires constant attention to be able to fully understand how the system behaves, identify problems, and choose the best course of action to address the needs of the customers and the needs of the utility. Our tools are designed specifically to help engineers analyze and design water distribution systems.

  2. Finescreen Monster®

    The Finescreen Monster is part of the Monster Separation Systems® line of screens.  The Monster Separation System is a complete, high-performance system of screens and screening processing equipment that provides high capture rate of wastewater solids and more efficient washing and compacting, resulting in a discharge that is remarkably clean and ready for disposal. The more unwanted solids removed at the headworks of your treatment plant, the better the whole facility will run.

  3. 7 SHRED Grinder

    JWC Environmental is proud to introduce the new 7 SHRED grinder, built to fulfill the demands of product reduction for industrial applications such as in petroleum, agriculture, food processing, municipal solid waste and more.

  4. Water Specialties Propeller Meters™

    The Water Specialties Propeller Meter is the best choice for measuring clean water flows in municipal and industrial applications. The meter is engineered to deliver superior performance, low maintenance and unsurpassed durability. Meter materials and performance meet or exceed AWWA standard C704/92

  5. Vertical Wet Well Centrifugal Chopper Pumps

    Vaughan's wet well centrifugal chopper pumps have cast alloy steel chopper impeller, cutter bar and cutter nut...

  6. ABB Ability™ For Flood Barriers

    Protecting coastal cities through accurate flood prevention solutions.

  7. Jumbo Housings & Cartridges

    Shelco's Jumbo Cartridge Housings accept a single cartridge that can handle flow rates of up to 150 GPM. The Jumbo Cartridges are made of polyester media that can be cleaned and re-used, providing a simple and cost-effective solution for applications with high solids contamination.

  8. pH/ORP Monitor Controllers

    The advanced "isolated" circuitry of the 720 Series II pH/ORP Monitor/controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements completely eliminating ground-loop and noise issues

  9. Electropneumatic Positioning Of Linear Gate Valve - DFPI

    Displacement encoder and optional positioner integrated Sturdy and compact housing for use outdoors.

  10. Emerging Pollutants: The Role Of Activated Carbons

    The presence of active pharmaceutical ingredients, radio-opaque substances and endocrine disrupting chemicals in raw water sources is a relatively new emerging issue in relation to drinking water quality. However, the influence of pollutants on health and general well-being is becoming apparent with the incidence of carcinoma increasing and fertility rates being affected. A solution for the efficient removal of these substances from water use by production sites is required.