Produced Water Treatment Application Notes

  1. Shale Gas Water Treatment Strategies

    The market-changing growth of shale gas production in recent years has resulted in the emergence of pressing environmental and water management challenges.

  2. Produced Water Recovery At Seneca Resources Using Short Bed Ion Exchange
    As a result of water restrictions in the Bakersfield, CA area, Seneca Resources has installed a new produced water recovery system. This paper reviews this process, which consists of water knock out and clarification tanks, an IGF unit, a specialized nutshell filter, and a short bed ion exchange softener that is regenerated with salt. By Lewis Krause, Michael Sheedy, Eco-Tec Inc. and Keith Jones, Seneca Resources
  3. Application Note: Produced Water Purification
    The Liaohe Oilfield is the largest heavy oil production field in China with 10,000 oil wells and a production capacity of 250,000 BPD (12,500,000 T/year). Using a steam simulation process, the oilfields produce 20,000 m3/day of produced water. The objective of the produced water purification project was to provide water quality suitable for feed water to the high pressure, once-through steam generators