From the Editor

  1. Microbe Treatment System May Solve California's Nitrate Problems

    California is well known around the world for its bounty of farmland and agricultural products. But this excess brings an acute problem for water treatment operations: nitrate contamination.

  2. Separate Ways: Examining The Stormwater Needs Gap

    The Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) Stormwater Institute (SWI) reports on challenges and the annual funding gap for the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) sector.

  3. Nashville Threatened With Lawsuit Over 4.7 Million Gallons Of Wastewater Overflow

    Music City has recently raised the ire of environmentalists who blame it for significant untreated wastewater leaks.

  4. Flint Water Crisis: Criminal Investigation Starts Over, Path Clear For Civil Suit

    As the City of Flint, MI, struggles to recover from potential health impacts and fundamental infrastructure issues following the revelation that its drinking water was tainted with high levels of lead, it’s become clear that the judicial ramifications of the crisis are still being sorted out as well.

  5. PFAS Amendment Could Force EPA’s Hand On Regulation

    In a significant regulatory development for one of the greatest contaminant threats to U.S. drinking water, the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee has agreed upon a proposed amendment to a defense policy bill that would address the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

  6. Ohio River Protections No Longer Mandatory

    The Ohio River, which runs through or borders six different states, will no longer have mandatory pollution standards overseen by a multi-state agency.

  7. Initial Funding For Billion-Dollar Missouri River Pipeline Secured

    Solving water scarcity issues can be an expensive proposition. Desalination, for instance, is a notoriously energy-intensive process that requires significant investment in technology and equipment.

  8. Death In Baltimore Traced To Collapsed Catwalk In Wastewater Facility

    Following a tragic accident in a Baltimore wastewater treatment facility, a local Department of Public Works (DPW) employee has been found dead.

  9. Houston's $1.76B Treatment Plant To Be Among Nation's Largest

    Houston has had more than its fair share of water issues in recent history, most notably a water quality crisis following Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Now, the city is making progress on a gargantuan drinking water treatment plant (WTP) expansion to change that narrative — at least on the drinking water side.

  10. Hackers Hold Baltimore’s Public Services, Including Water, Hostage

    In a sign of just how critical the digital grid has become, the City of Baltimore is currently being held hostage by cybercriminals following a data breach. Baltimore has been combating the cyberattack for weeks and, among the trove of disruptions it has caused, there has been a direct impact on residents’ water bills and related data.