Aeration and Blowers Articles

  1. 10 Water-Tech Winners From WEFTEC 2017

    For the second straight year, the Water Environment Federation Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) came to McCormick Place in Chicago, returning also to the city which launched WEFTEC 90 years ago. As always, it was a showcase of the latest technologies and ideas available in the water/wastewater industry, but each show also has its own "feel" that reflects the times.

  2. How To Get A Biodigester At Your Plant

    A wastewater treatment facility in Michigan has begun the complicated process of vetting a new, significant technology upgrade to its operations. What can you learn from its experience?

  3. The Advantages Of Automating Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater treatment operations are beginning to embrace the power of automation. How can it help? And how is it implemented?

  4. The Unknown Bacteria Behind Anammox

    A recent study into one of the world’s first anammox reactors has determined the organisms behind the process, including a mysterious “dark matter” microbe. Do they hold the key to improving wastewater nutrient removal?

  5. Empowering Water Entrepreneurship: Nano Bubbles Make A Big Difference In Produced Water

    Part two in our series on the “Pow! emPowering Opportunities in Water” competition from Veolia, The Water Council, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, takes a closer look at winning company Nano Gas Technologies, Inc.

  6. Is Anammox The Cure For Algal Blooms?

    The anammox, or anaerobic ammonium oxidation, process has become a darling in wastewater treatment circles thanks to its “shortcut” ability to remove nitrogen. Prompted by this valuable use and a desire to know more, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) embarked on the first-ever field study of anammox’s presence in groundwater.

  7. WWTPs Answer Obama’s Call For Energy Efficiency

    President Obama has asked America’s commercial and industrial buildings to become more energy efficient, and water and wastewater treatment plants are stepping up to the challenge.

  8. New York City Strives For Net-Zero Energy At 14 WWTPs

    “Net-zero energy” may sound like nothing more than an idealist turn of phrase, but one city has a plan to make it a reality at its 14 wastewater treatment plants.

  9. Nutrient Reduction Improvements Made Easy (And Cheap): Inside The EPA’s Guide

    Concerned about potential nutrient discharge from non-advanced treatment plants and the lack of information available to help them combat it, the U.S. EPA has taken matters into their own hands.

  10. 5 Quick Tips On Mechanical Aeration

    Are you not getting the aeration performance you expect? Perhaps you’re not even aware that your system is lagging. In this age of doing more with less — practically a mandate considering high water-quality demands coupled with tight municipal budgets — operational optimization is essential. Since mechanical aeration is a cornerstone of successful wastewater treatment, it’s a natural place to focus your optimization and troubleshooting efforts.