ABB is the best partner throughout the entire water cycle. From extraction and treatment, to distribution and the management of the wastewater process, ABB supplies an extensive range of reliable measurement products and solutions. With the most expertise in water and wastewater applications worldwide, ABB is the partner to help customers choose the optimal measurement solution precisely meeting their requirements.


For a limited time, ABB is offering a free copy of our Flowmeter Handbook with information on flowmeter theory, to help you select and specify the right flowmeter for your application. This comprehensive, 290-page Handbook is an invaluable resource for anyone who specifies or purchases all types of flowmeters.


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Instrumentation for the Water & Wastewater Industries

Video: Instrumentation For The Water Industry

Video: Efficient Solutions For The Water Cycle



Being a single source supplier for automation technology, ABB provides what customers in the water market require.

  • Solutions that best match the industry specific application requirement
  • Products that functionally fit the requirements of the water market, including internationally recognized calibration facilities and material certifications
  • Products that are easy to commission and install saving time and expense during a startup
  • Equipment that can be diagnosed remotely, resulting in time and personnel savings
  • High accuracy and reliability with a minimal investment
  • Automation services emphasizing optimized product usage and care throughout the entire lifecycle

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ABB’s Products And Solutions For The Complete Water Cycle
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