Vortisand® Filtration Systems for Membrane Pretreatment: Not Just Protection!

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

Vortisand For Membrane Pretreament

The Vortisand filtration system is a high capacity media filter that combines cross-flow dynamics with microsand media to achieve submicron filtration performance; 10 to 50 times finer than other traditional media filters. Such high efficiency filtration systems provide various benefits in both pre and post membrane applications.


Membranes require a pretreatment filer to protect the system’s efficiency levels and integrity. Vortisand will achieve this goal, and will also decrease the SDI, allowing the designer to optimize the solution and increase the membrane’s life cycle. The Vortisand can be a key element within your membrane system.

Vortisand filters down to submicron level, offering you the finest sand filter available on the market. The Vortisand filtration capability is clearly what makes our technology the best available polishing solution to pretreatment for RO or other types of membrane.


Vortisand pretreatment systems protect your membranes, resins and media. It provides your water treatment system with:

  • A longer membrane life cycle
  • Improved membrane performance
  • Increased influent water quality
  • Decreased biofouling


Membrane fouling must be avoided to make sure there isn't a decline in membrane flux, water quality or degradation of membranes.

Biofouling is a significant problem, but it can be controlled with the high efficiency filtration capabilities of the Vortisand system.

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