Valve Design Cuts Energy Costs

Valve Design Cuts Energy Costs

Realizing energy savings with blowers is a big deal in the wastewater industry right now as utilities try to reign in their energy costs. As Paul Nelson, North American Sales Manager for Egger Turo Pumps points out, the next focus area is going to be energy savings with pumps and valves.

“The industry standard is a butterfly valve, which works very well for opening and closing, but there’s no accuracy,” states Nelson. “It has a shaft down the middle with a disc. That represents a pressure drop.”

Egger Turo offers what they call an iris valve. It has no shaft and therefore no pressure drop. Nelson suggests that if you’re running the blower system at 8 psi, the Egger Turo valve is going to run at 7 psi and save you ten percent of the energy.

“Our valve was actually built for the paper industry,” explains Nelson. “It’s a heavy duty industrial valve. We’re pioneering a new design that is geared towards the municipal market, which means that word that people don’t like to use, “value engineering.” We’re trying to bring down the price of it and make it affordable for everybody.

To learn more about Egger Turo and the iris valve, click on the audio player below:

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