The Case For Sewer Monitoring

The Case For Sewer Monitoring

In this age of data acquisition, there is no corner on Earth that can’t be measured. In the water industry, that means plunging the deepest depths of our sewer systems.

With the rise of monitoring and data acquisition in the water market, it was only a matter of time before technology was developed to keep tabs on our sewers as well. One such product is the Intelligens system, produced by Fluid Conservation Systems (FCS), which had some practical issues to overcome in its development.

“How can you actually transmit the data if you install it below ground?” asked Vincent Favre, the North America sales director with FCS, of the challenges in monitoring a sewer line. “We worked really hard on designing new antennas and making sure that we can actually transmit the data through those. We really tried to simplify everything and make it very open to other sensors, other companies to connect their sensors to our unit and monitor.”

The result was a small system, capable of running on batteries with a five year lifespan, sending data remotely to a cloud server.

To hear more about the Intelligens system and the importance of monitoring sewer lines and overflow, tune in to Favre’s full interview with Water Online Radio below.

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