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Tech Talk: Seeing Double – How Digital Twins Overcome The Challenges Of Water Network Monitoring & Forecasting

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First of the three-part Smart Water Network webinar series: OpenFlows Digital Twins for Water Systems Operations

Oct 30, 2019, 6:30 PM
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Operating resilient wet infrastructure requires making timely, well-informed decisions every day. But regardless of network complexity, your SCADA data can only show you a glimpse of what’s going on⁠—and what has already happened. Discover how to "see into the future" by utilizing a smart water network digital twin.

Join Dr. Tom Walski, Bentley Fellow, Water Infrastructure, to learn how OpenFlows WaterOPS enables utilities to instantaneously react to real-time events and emergencies, gain visibility into dark data to better predict future system performance, share system information, and quickly collaborate with stakeholders to make smart and timely decisions about water distribution networks. Using reliable information, explore how to simulate and evaluate various what-if actions to respond to events such as fire, pipe break, pipe/tank shutdown, tanks running dry, pump breakdown or power outage, and contamination.

In this session, you’ll learn how to make smarter decisions by utilizing a smart water network digital twin:

  • Predict future system performance instead of waiting for the SCADA system to alarm
  • Visualize what's happening in between monitored locations (e.g. water quality/pressure)
  • Simulate for faster response, with reliable information to various emergencies and events

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SOURCE: Bentley Systems