News | September 11, 2019

Suez Newly Created Dongying Industrial Wastewater Treatment Project

Suez Newly created a centralized sewage treatment project in the Dongying District Chemical Industry Park in Dongying City after the Qingdao drinking water treatment project entered Shandong. It has helped the local government to strengthen water resources management and continuously improve environmental quality.

The sewage treatment plant of Dongying District Chemical Industry Park will have a daily processing capacity of 26,000 cubic meters, a cooperative company formed by Suez New Creation and partners [1]Responsible for investment, construction and operation, and will provide industrial wastewater treatment services exclusively for the park's enterprises in the next 50 years. The project will start at the end of 2019 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. At that time, it will not only solve the problem of unified treatment of industrial wastewater in the park, but also effectively meet the sewage treatment needs of future new projects in the park. More importantly, the sewage treatment plant will ensure that the water is up to standard, and 40% of the sewage will be treated to the relevant standards and returned to the enterprises in the park. This will greatly improve the surrounding water environment and will be used for the local circular economy. To positive promotion.

Wang Feng, deputy secretary of the Dongying District Party Committee and head of the district, said: "We hope that Suez New Creation will exert its rich experience in the construction, operation and management of sewage treatment plants through this project, promote the centralized treatment of sewage in the park, and concentrate on emission, effectively improving the district. Environmental quality and improve the efficiency of water use, alleviate the contradiction between industrial water supply and demand, and comprehensively accelerate the upgrading of the park."

Dongying City is an important oil base in China, Dongying District Chemical Industry Park [2]It is one of the most important petrochemical industrial bases in Dongying City. In recent years, it has promoted the green development of the park with the goal of creating a “safe, green and high-end” chemical park. In 2018 , the total industrial output value of the park exceeded 100 billion yuan.

In Shandong, Suez newly created prior to 2002 Nian take up the urban area of Qingdao by partner companies 90% of the production of drinking water, daily water supply capacity of 72.6 million cubic meters, serving 250 million people, is currently treated water to meet EU drinking water standards; 2013 Nian , but also by the company responsible for new cooperation in Qingdao Dong port economic Development Zone investment, construction and operation of a sewage treatment plant, available exclusively for the enterprises in the park 30 years of domestic and industrial sewage treatment services, currently daily processing capacity of 2 Wan Lifang Mi industrial wastewater .

Since its inception in China for more than 40 years, Suez has brought professional environmental protection technology and services to 13 industrial parks in mainland China, including Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, one of the largest petrochemical sites in Asia. This project marks the continued deepening of our business development in Shandong Province and highlights the Group's ambition to develop its industrial market business. More importantly, this cooperation once again demonstrates our commitment to supporting local industries to develop a circular economy and achieve sustainable growth.

[1] The cooperative company consists of Dongying District Caijin Park Investment Management Co., Ltd. (20%) , Suez New Creation (41%) and Wantong Haixin Holding Group Co., Ltd. (39%) .

[2] The companies that have settled in include Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Petrochemical Plant, Wantong Group, Haike Group, Shenchi Group, Shandong Longyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd., etc.

SOURCE: Suez Water Technology and Solutions