Smart Sensors Have Finally Arrived

Source: Aquametrix
Smart Sensors Have Finally Arrived

The heavy-duty, industrial strength of Aquametrix probes have made them ideal for wastewater applications. But as Mark Spencer, President of Water Analytics and the manufacturer for Aquametrix, points out in this Water Online Radio interview, they are also being accepted by a growing industrial audience. With a new series of controller and transmitters called the 2250 and a slim, pH differential probe being launched, it’s been a busy year for the company.

Spencer discusses some of the future innovations in instrumentation that he’s working on, including an IoT-enabled smart sensor. “Disruptive innovations come from small companies,” explains Spencer. “There are so many opportunities out there. The problem is not finding the opportunities. It’s actually limiting yourself so that you focus more.”

To learn more about the sensor product map in the years ahead, listen here:

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