Mighty Mike® Maintenance Tablets

Source: Bio-Microbics, Inc.


Maintain your drain with Mighty Mike® specialty tablets and cleaners!

Mighty Mike® specialty tablets for many industries, including: Bacterial additives for the municipal, commercial, onsite and portable wastewater industries; Decalcification for calcium buildup prevention in fixtures and plumbing; or try our grease-eating Tablets (FOGHog®) for pump stations, wet wells, and municipal plants.

Decalcify (CPT) your pipes, lines, and drains to reduce, eliminate and prevent the accumulation of scale and calcium build-up in plumbing fixtures.  Bring back your system with Bacterial additive tablets (U&F-BOOST!™) for septic systems, commercial wastewater treatment systems, portable toilets, or lagoons.

Biological Treatment Tablets

  • Mighty Mike® CPT (Calcium Prevention) Treatment Tablets
  • Mighty Mike® FOGHog® (Fats, Oils, & Grease) Treatment Tablets
  • Mighty Mike® U&F-BOOST!™ BioRemediation (Urine & Feces Biological) Treatment Tablets