News | August 29, 2017

Managing Our Most Precious Resource

Tulsar Canada provides custom solutions to unique problems

Water is our most precious resource — but it can also be one of the most destructive forces on Earth.

Floods destroy communities, heavy rains and quick flowing rivers erode soils and it is a potential carrier of pathogens. As a finite resource, it is also important that we measure and manage our use of water.

“We need water, but we also need to control our water,” says George Micevski, President of Tulsar Canada. “It’s a luxury our ancestors didn’t enjoy, but we have the capabilities to efficiently manage our water use for conservation purposes, control wastewater to prevent contamination of natural environments and direct storm-water flows to prevent flooding.”

Tulsar Canada, a Canadian engineering, designing and fabricating firm of pump control panels, specializes in developing custom solutions to unique water challenges. Innovation drives every control panel hand-built at Tulsar’s plant in Brantford, Ont.

As a leading innovator in the water and wastewater sector, Tulsar Canada will be stationed at WEFTEC 2017 with its award-winning booth at site 2806.

Tulsar’s products and capabilities include:

  • Designing self-sufficient storm-water management systems that use an automated water level control and a user-operator interface integrated with an autodialer that can better manage water levels during storms and freezing weather.
  • Control panels that manage wastewater flows into aging municipal infrastructure, particularly combined sewer lines, reducing the risk of sewage spills into natural watercourses.
  • Complex industrial systems that require precision timing and operation.
  • Upgrades and retrofits to older panels that modernize and enable Wi-Fi communication to address shorts, faults and malfunctions.
  • Protecting public sewers with control panels in the sewage systems of restaurants that help prohibit the clogging of pipes with solidified grease and other foreign materials.

Taking place in Chicago from September 30th to October 4th, WEFTEC is the world’s largest annual water quality technical conference and exhibition, showcasing the most cutting-edge technology and services in the field.

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About Tulsar Canada
Tulsar Canada engineers and manufactures leading edge control systems for water and wastewater applications. We service the municipal, industrial, commercial, environmental, recreational and residential sectors. Tulsar offers a wide range of products that consist of Wi-Fi-enabled alarms to standard control panels up to fully engineered pump station kiosks for all-weather conditions including classified areas. Tulsar supports its products with full startup services at our customer locations and provides schematics through our customer portal supporting end users 24hrs a day; accessible by cell phone, tablet or laptop. Trusted by governments, Engineers and businesses to deliver reliable and innovative control systems since 1981.

SOURCE: Tulsar Canada