Low-Cost Desalination — The Promise Of Forward Osmosis


Utilizing low-pressure, low-energy membrane technology, Oasys Water is setting out to change the way people think about desalination. Competing technologies — including evaporation and reverse osmosis (RO) schemes — are inherently energy-intensive, and therefore cost-intensive. In this Water Online Radio interview, Lisa Marchewka, VP of strategy and marketing for Oasys, explains how forward osmosis shifts that paradigm.

Marchewka also addresses the problems of water scarcity and difficult-to-treat water, which are particularly common in one industry:

"In the oil and gas space, produced water is a growing issue. Instead of selling technology ... we're actually offering a service. We just make the problem go away, and we give them back fresh water that they can reuse in their process."

The technology also holds promise for the municipal space, which could greatly benefit from low-cost desalination in order to maintain customer supplies, keep water rates in check, and stay within their budgets.

Learn more about the potential of forward osmosis and the capabilities Oasys Water has to offer by clicking on the Radio player below.

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