News | June 25, 2019

Kationx Corp New Headquarters Location In Indialantic, FL

Kationx Corporation has moved into its new headquarters at 442 Fourth Avenue in Indialantic. The company develops, manufactures and sells a proprietary line of natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, industrial products for both wastewater treatment and horizontal directional drilling markets. Kationx technologies are proving beneficially disruptive to both industries.

Indialantic, Fla. Aerial view of Kationx headquarters in Indialantic. This location will prove a marketing benefit for the firm as a desirable training location for its growing national and international customer base.

This recent expansion supports growing demand for its products: SETTApHY, KCD-X, and KBM.

SETTApHY is used by wastewater treatment facilities to cleanly separate biosolids from effluent, ultimately sending cleaner water into Florida’s fragile environment. Not only is SETTApHY environmentally safe, but it also lowers nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrates and ammonia that find their way into surrounding water bodies like the Indian River Lagoon. Lowered nutrient numbers decrease the likelihood of algal blooms and eutrophication. As demand volumes grow on aging sewage infrastructure, the ability to capture and remove biosolids is becoming critical. SETTApHY does this without any new investment in facilities. With SETTApHY, wastewater treatment facilities can replace polymer coagulants and aluminum sulfate, reducing complexity and saving money. Non-toxic and non-corrosive, SETTApHY also reduces plant operations and maintenance costs while improving operator safety.

Levy County, Fla. (R) Raw sewage has not settled much compared with (L) SETTApHY-treated sewage after an on-site, 30-minute jar test. Nitrates were reduced by 30%, from 1.60 down to 1.03, respectively. Ammonium (NH3) and phosphorous (P) were beyond measurement limits (above 5.0) in the raw sewage effluent, while the clear effluent in the SETTApHY jar had NH3 levels measured at 0.92, and P at 1.09 – well within DEP's safe limits. Reducing phosphorous in Florida's waters reduces the likelihood of algae blooms.

KCD-X 6-in-1 is designed for wastewater collections system use. Wastewater collection systems begin with the residential or commercial customer and include all the piping and pumping stations that feed wastewater treatment facilities. As a lift station conditioner and odor remover, KCD-X has proven an effective fix for “problem” lift stations, where tough mats and persistent sewage smells cause local government embarrassment and frustration driven by community complaints. KCD-X not only greatly reduces odors, improves lift-station performance and is non-corrosive to infrastructure, but it also preconditions effluent for easier processing at downstream wastewater treatment facilities.

Polk County, Fla. (L) This "problem" lift station required twice-weekly vacuum truck services. Since implementing KCD-X in May, (R) the station has not needed any vacuum services and the overpowering raw sewage odor is gone.

KBM boring mud is gaining regional attention as an environmentally clean drilling and completions mud for horizontal drilling projects. A utilities project driller in Wyoming, in business since the 1980s, reported significant project completions and cost savings using KBM. A national firm is now using KBM in Florida and has recommended the product to its corporate headquarters as a competitive cost savings and project completion improvement.

Campbell County, Wyo. A driller adds KBM to a mud mix to improve slickness and viscosity. Continuous use of KBM in Wyoming since April has proven the product's exceptional performance and its use as a particularly effective blending agent. With 9 rigs running, the customer reports cost savings averaging $140 per 700-gallon-tank load, along with significantly improved success rates for conduit and steel casing "pulls."

Kationx continues to grow its intellectual property portfolio and product line that’s proving disruptive for mature markets. The company has created a new paradigm of innovative technologies that provide environmentally friendly options with unprecedented performance and added cost savings.

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SOURCE: Kationx Corp.