Article | May 22, 2019

12 Installation Tips For Challenging Pipeline Repairs

Source: JCM Industries, Inc.

Having to repair old, worn, broken, or leaking pipes is bad enough. Having to revisit the repair location a second time to refurbish the original fix is doubly frustrating. Here are some guidelines for getting the best results from pipeline repair efforts and enhancing the durability of the repair effort to match the anticipated service life of the pipeline itself.

“It’s Only Temporary…”

The rationalization that “It’s only temporary” is one of the most misleading pitfalls of repair fittings — unless, of course, 50 years is considered “temporary.” Why risk potentially thousands of dollars invested in equipment and labor to excavate the problem area, replace the part, and refill the trench, by using anything less than a solution that equals the remaining pipe lifespan? With that in mind, here are a dozen guidelines for minimizing potential headaches of having to rework a recent pipeline repair.