Helping Customers Make Informed Decisions

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Helping Customers Make Informed Decisions

Badger Meter has 10 metering technologies that exist in the marketplace, so there is a lot of variety in what they do. Brian Kettner, Marketing Manager with Badger Meter, sat down with Water Online Radio to talk about the company, and what they are currently focusing on.

Kettner said the company’s new website has several tools and software to help customers make better decisions. “Line size, pressure, temperature, all those things come into play. By going through and having them select that, they can actually make a more educated decision. From there, we go through and we have specific tools per technology that really leads their focus back into exactly what they need, the exact model, the exact parameters of that product.”

Badger Meter also has a software based solution called Beacon, which is based on going through and taking metering samples from multiple locations, from multiple ways, into a snapshot that goes through and actually allows the customer to see different facilities, differently locations, sub-metering applications, metering applications. It really gives a better, smarter way of actually managing your business.

The company, as a whole, is also focused on innovation and accuracy.

Kettner said, “Quality. We really have a high quality product. We are global. That gives us benefits. We have manufacturing facilities, we have sales offices all over the world. It gives us better understanding of what the competitive market forces are, understanding what the needs are of different places around the world, and applying the best practices of those places back into our core customer base, which is in the U.S.”

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