News | January 27, 2019

GN Separation & Conveying Equipment Company Released New Website


GN set up the new business of GN Separation and Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd especially to provide customer with solutions for industrial separation and conveying. By visiting GN Separation and Conveying new official website to learn more on what GN is going to supply and find a reliable partner.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) - GN started up the new division, GN Separation and Conveying, at the beginning of this year. As the name implies, GN separation and conveying is going to provide customer with separation and conveying solutions. Different from GN Solids Control with business in oil gas industry for drilling mud recycling and waste management, GN Separation and Conveying mainly focuses on other industries. To make customers clear what GN new division is doing, and help customer convenient to set up contact with GN. A new official website has been built and released.
Welcome to go through GN Separation and Conveying by click below link.

GN Separation and Conveying production line including series of below

1. Decanter centrifuge
GN industrial decanter centrifuge is designed and developed based on the mud separation centrifuge. By increasing the bowl length of the decanter centrifuge, the slurry could be kept inside the bowl for longer time so as to increase the separation time to make the discharged liquid more clarified. GN designed the decanter centrifuge with different cone angles (angle at the point from straight bowl to cone bowl, or someone calls from solid wet area to drying area) for different application like dewatering, clarifying, concentration and classification.

Features of GN Industrial Decanter Centrifuge

  • Bowl material from duplex stainless steel 2304
  • Screw propeller from duplex stainless steel 2205
  • Longer bowl to increase the separation time
  • Centrifugal casting technology makes the bowl material denser to avoid blister for a better dynamic balance

2. Transfer Pumps
GN Separation and Conveying recommends the progressive cavity pump with stable flow rate for feeding to the decanter centrifuge. The control panel of centrifuge feeding pump is provided integrated with control panel of centrifuge for easy operation.
GN centrifugal pump is a type of widely used pump for flow-able slurry transferring. It adopts the tungsten carbide material mechanical seal for better sealing performance to guarantee the smoothly transferring job. And nodular cast iron made casing and impeller make GN centrifugal pump a better wear-resistance feature.
Solids Vacuum Pump is the latest pump series in GN production line. It is mainly used for high solids content sludge transferring. Fully driven by air, the vacuum pump can be used in the area with flammable gas for safety consideration.

Below more information about GN vacuum sludge pump helps customer know it well.

  • No moving parts in pump cavity, easy for maintenance.
  • Various model for different capacity application. 10, 20 and 40 cubic meters per hours, GN is able to provide group design for larger capacity.
  • Customer need an air compressor to drive the pump
  • Pump works as interval suction and discharge mode with adjustable timer system.
  • Up to 50 mm or 75mm size solids could be transferred by GN vacuum pump
  • Vacuum up to 25 feet Mercury Column for transferring sludge with solids content up to 80%.

3. GN Conveying Equipment
GN is providing screw conveyor, bucket elevator, and belt conveyor for solid bulk material conveying. GN conveying equipment could be widely used in mining, construction, pharmaceutical and food industries.

4. Other Separation Equipment
GN Oil Water Separator and Slant plate clarifier could be used in the 3 phase separation project to separate water, oil and fine solid particles, always these equipment works well as a subsequent equipment to treat the slurry discharged from a decanter centrifuge unit. Screen Scroll Centrifuge is a type drying equipment that could be used for dewatering of the wet coarse solids slurry to recover liquid and dry the solids for easy further treatment or transportation.

GN Separation and Conveying product serves below industries

1. Environmental & Waste Sludge Treatment
GN dewatering decanter centrifuge and the pumps could be widely used for treatment and transferring of the urban sewage, water plant sludge, industrial and agricultural waste water. It can not only create social and economic benefit, but also reduces pollution emissions.

2. Mining & Construction Industry
Picture of the decanter centrifuge with 30 inch bowl diameter is working for coal tail slurry dewatering. Large capacity required for quickly dewatering of the coal and other mining tailing slurry to get the recycled water and clean wet cake for further treatment.

3. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industry
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry requests the separator to have a better performance. The safety is the most important. GN makes the decanter centrifuges based on specific temperature and media to ensure the machine availability and applicability.

4. Municipal and Construction Industry
In municipal construction, everywhere the sludge could be seen. To properly treat the sludge can not only bring the city a comfortable living environment, but also recover the soil for land filling or making some other construction materials to get commercial benefit.
5. Food & Beverage Industry
6. Edible Oil Industry


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