White Paper

Fine Screening System — The More Intelligent Primary Clarifier

Source: Huber Technology, Inc.

By Michael Kink, Huber Technology, Inc.


Development and integration of innovative sewage treatment plant technologies for the transformation process towards the technology turnaround

In the discussion about limited resources and energy saving in sewage treatment plants innovative sewage treatment methods are increasingly becoming a focal point. In Germany, there are about 1,200 sewage treatment plants which are designed for 10,000 to 50,000 PE, about one third of them have a sludge digester. Thus, there is a potential of about 800 sewage treatment plants that remains for a change from aerobic sludge stabilization to processes with anaerobic sludge stabilization. Until some years ago sludge digestion was found almost exclusively on very large sewage treatment plants (design size 50,000 PE or larger). For sewage treatment plants of a design size smaller than 20,000 PE aerobic sludge stabilization was much more cost-effective in terms of economic efficiency. Due to rising prices for electricity and heat and the ever increasing costs for sludge disposal sludge digestion is becoming interesting even for sewage treatment plants from design size 10,000 PE on.