External Solutions To Water/Wastewater Flow Measurement

Source: Badger Meter
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Installing flow meters in new piping is one thing. Replacing a 20-year-old meter or adding new metering to piping where it never existed before is quite another. In this Water Talk interview, Cheryl Ades Anspach, marketing manager with Badger Meter, offers a non-invasive alternative using easily retrofittable clamp-on ultrasonic meters offering accuracy to + 0.5 percent and flow rates to 33,000 gpm in pipes up to 48” diameter. Two palm-sized rail-mounted transducers provide simpler, more affordable installation than having to shut down or cut into a live pipeline or bring in heavy equipment to install a full-bore mag meter. Built-in datalogging backup (8 GB) with time-date stamp granularity down to one second provides ample opportunity for detailed flow analysis.

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