Ecosorb®: Non-Toxic Odor Control

Source: OMI Industries


When it comes to odorous industries, it’s difficult to top municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

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When it comes to odorous industries, it’s difficult to top municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

The odors can be strong, persistent and a nuisance to facility workers as well as nearby residents and businesses. But not even wastewater treatment odors can overpower the non-toxic and biodegradable power of Ecosorb® products. The unscented and proprietary formulations – applied via a variety of delivery system options including our new encapsulation option – quickly destroys organic and inorganic odors to create an odor neutral environment that’s preferred by employees and those in the surrounding areas.

Ecosorb products effectively handle common wastewater odor-causing compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia emitted from the headworks, lift stations, clarifiers, digesters, aeration basins and lagoons, as well as odors issues caused by sludge processing and transport.

A highly versatile option, Ecosorb products can be used to treat wastewater treatment odors via:

  • Vaporization: An air driven, nearly waterless solution.
  • Atomization: A proven, high performance option.
  • Encapsulation: Spray coat odorous payloads for transport.


Encapsulation is our newest, and perhaps most innovative Ecosorb odor control delivery system. Using encapsulation makes it possible to transport sludge through residential areas without attracting odor complaints. A two-pronged approach to odor control, it starts with a drive under spray bar that applies a thin-yet-effective layer of gel on top of a sludge truck’s payload. Once coated, the gel forms a protective barrier that odor can’t easily escape. Secondly, the gel barrier also bonds-to and neutralizes organic and inorganic odors during transport and at the landfill.

Safe, effective, non-toxic and organic, Ecosorb products are in a class of their own for effectively neutralizing wastewater treatment odors. Available in a variety of formulations, and delivered via a number of methods, Ecosorb systems that can be completely tailored to your individual site condition or odor challenge.

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