Compactec Washer Compactor

Source: Aqualitec Corp.


Compactec is a washer/compactor that conveys, cleans, dewaters, and compresses debris. The shaftless screw conveys screened debris, while the spray bar system sends organic material back to the system. The compression box reduces the volume of debris, lowering transportation costs. Compactec can retrofit any kind of bar screen equipment.

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Operating Mode

Compactec reduces the volume of screened debris from any kind of bar screen system. Debris enters the inlet hopper, where a shaftless auger carries it into the washing zone. Captured solids are then dewatered, compacted and discharged.

Features And Benefits

1. Drive Mechanism
The shaftless auger is made of alloy steel with a protective polyurethane paint. The transport tube is made of 304L or 316L stainless steel with a width of no less than 7" and a thickness of ¼". High-density polyethylene (HDPE) covers the transport tube to provide high reliability and long life.

2. Spray Bar System, Maximum Organics Back In The Process
Two spray bars maximize the amount of organic material removed from debris and returned to the wastewater process. One spray bar is installed on the conveyor, and the other sprays into the compression box.

3. Volume Reduction
The screw presses debris against the variable-pressure lid, dewatering and compressing the screened material. To comply with landfill regulations and the Paint Filter Test, the pressure of the lid can be easily adjusted. 

4. Odor Control
All Aqualitec bar screens are completely enclosed, and Compactec's bagger system further controls odor.