Case Study

An Energy System For Power Generation Relies On Quality Monitoring Instruments From Siemens

Source: Siemens Process Instrumentation

A U.S. company develops energy technologies that are environmentally sustainable and provides their customers with the ability to use their energy sources in a more practical and cost-effective manner.

The customer uses a low-temperature, lowpressure pyrolysis process that makes coal conversion more economically viable than other typical processes. The customer uses this process to convert coal and biomass into products that can be refined into more environmentally friendly products.

The system consists of two major components: a pyrolysis unit and a dryer unit. (Pyrolysis is a form of incineration that chemically decomposes organic materials by heat in the absence of oxygen.) They were looking for a variety of instrumentation to monitor the various steps in the process to ensure the system performs according to design.

Siemens Process Instrumentation