AMS Hydraulics For Submersible Sewage Pumps

Source: HOMA Pump Technology

AMS Hydraulics For Submersible Sewage Pumps

Wastewater has changed greatly in recent years, with increased solids content from water saving fixtures as well as the prevalence of plastics and man-made fibrous materials in sanitary and cleaning products. In order to ensure reliable operation with today’s challenging wastewater, our new AMS hydraulics rely on closed single-vane impellers with large free passages. Our impellers and volutes have been redesigned at the HOMA R&D center and optimized with the latest flow-simulation software and rigorous lab and field testing.  The result: clearly improved hydraulic efficiencies of up to 81%, with a simultaneously low risk of blockage with solids passage that meets or exceed the Ten States Standards. In combination with HOMA's proven submersible-motors, our new AMS hydraulics are setting the standard in economic efficiency and operational reliability.

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  • Hydraulic efficiency up to 81 %
  • Discharge DN 80 and DN 100
  • large free passages

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