White Paper

Advanced On-Site Wastewater Treatment For Greenfield And Retrofit Applications

Source: Fluence
Advanced On-Site Wastewater Treatment

Many owners and operators of traditional decentralized municipal wastewater treatment plants, also referred to as on-site or off-grid treatment, are acutely aware their systems are at risk of becoming obsolete. These systems include:

  • septic fields
  • lagoons
  • oxidation ditches and ponds
  • rotating biological contactor (RBC) mechanisms, and
  • sequencing batch reactor (SBR) processes.

Why the concerns?

Recreational vehicle and mobile home parks, residential and commercial developments, campgrounds, and private utilities are increasingly challenged to treat wastewater cost-effectively when facing:

  • the probability of more stringent discharge quality requirements in the years ahead
  • the capital costs to upgrade or replace existing facilities
  • water scarcity issues and the demand to beneficially reuse treated wastewater
  • the pressure to keep the plant easy to operate and maintain
  • the need to scale operations as treatment demands grow
  • limited space to build and upsize
  • unpleasant odors arising from collection and treatment activities
  • a social imperative to offer a sustainable process to minimize the environmental impact.

However, an advanced wastewater treatment technology known as the Membrane Aerated Biological Reactor, or MABR, is particularly well-suited to overcome each one of these challenges.