Case Study

A. R. Davis WTP Chooses Integrity Municipal Systems'A-758 Plus™ Lime Slaker Systems To Replace Existing Systems

Source: Integrity Municipal Systems, LLC (IMS)
A. R. Davis WTP Chooses Integrity Municipal Systems

The Albert R. Davis Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Austin, Texas, is one of three water treatment plants supplying drinking water to the greater Austin metropolitan area. The plant was built in 1954 and has had multiple upgrades over the years, increasing its capacity to 118 million gallons per day (MGD).

Extreme system wear and tear, resulting from an abrasive quicklime supply, prompted plant officials to replace the plant’s six existing, 4,000 lb/hr paste-type lime slakers installed in the early 1990s. To simplify installation and minimize costs, they selected the A-758 Plus™ Lime Slaker manufactured by Integrity Municipal Systems, LLC (IMS). Read the full case study to learn more.